Hello World!

My name is Sara, and I make stuff. I decided to start this blog to document the things I make more or less successfully. I started embroidering in 2006 and then quilting in 2011. Then I decided to relearn knitting after I had my daughter in 2012 so I’d have something to do during the day to promote a sense of progress. I started sewing garments for myself this summer after much dithering. I still find it quicker and easier to make things for my daughter– there’s no grading, minimal fitting, and smaller yardages to manage, though much less appreciated.

I am happily married to a very skinny, very nerdy man and I am very lucky. Our daughter T is a whirling dervish and gives all her love to the cat, who loves no one. I get to stay at home with her and attempt to parent in between Daniel Tiger episodes. I’m plus sized, body-positive, liberal, feminist, and nerdy.

My New Year’s Resolutions-


Make 1 bed sized quilt. This will probably be for T’s big girl bed since she’s turning 3 in July.

Finish the %^&$# purple sweater

Finish or frog current works in progress

Crochet enough to decide whether or not I like it for real. Right now I hate it but I think I hate it for not coming to me as easily as knitting does, like how I hated the piano for not being singing.

Make more garments for myself.

Look in the stash before I go shopping for new fabric or yarn.

Invest in tools.

Be less wasteful. Specifically cut down on household food waste.


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