Strict accountability

In my first post I wrote out my New Year’s resolutions which included “finish or frog all current works in progress” as well as “blog.” So to keep my word, I present you with my WIPs and unfinished objects (UFOs).

sock yarn crescent shawl

I started knitting this on the way up to visit my in-laws for Christmas. I started winding the ball on the New Jersey Turnpike. When I was about half-way though winding, T started demanding the bathroom. So, I tucked the ball in my pocket and with the skein round my neck, I escorted her in through the pouring rain into the most crowded rest stop looking like a lunatic. Someday, it’ll be a crescent shawl. The yarn is Knit Picks Hawthorne in Sauvie Island.

painted wyatt hat

This is going to be a Wyatt hat made of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Hand Paints in Mint Julep.

double crochet wash cloth

I’ve been trying to like crochet, thus the double crochet washcloth. I’ve been attempting to get my stitches more even. Part of me is leaning towards “frog” on this, but I can finish it anytime I want to. Want, keyword.

soon to be frogged philosopher's walk socks

Philosopher’s Walk Socks. I started these back in the spring and just lost steam after turning the heel. I think I’m gonna frog them and then make some plain striped socks with them.

almost two fair isle mittens

I’ll probably finish these mittens by the end of the week. I just put the thumb on hold this morning which means I’ve only got a little bit more to go. The pattern is by Drops, but I decided to sub the louse stitch for the vertical lines on the palm and thumb. I’m trying to mimic a self striping yarn with two shade of orange, yellow, and green with the brown as a background color.

more than two thirds of a sweater

The purple sweater from the first post, Beatnik by Norah Gaughan from Knitty Deep Fall 2010. The yarn is Bartlett Fisherman’s Yarn in Lupine. It’s super rustic and kind of hard on my hands, but it softens up really nicely after blocking and washing. I love the way it shows off the cables and moss stitch.

soon to be frogged top-down cardigan

This was going to be a top-down cardigan, but I’m not really digging the pattern anymore. So I’m frogging it to make a different cardigan.

arrow head lace shawl

This is my Arrowhead lace shawl. I put it on hold after I got a head injury and completely mucked it up for about a pattern repeat. I’ve been meaning to get back to it, but I just keep getting distracted by other projects.


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