I have a problem with color-work mittens.

I’m obsessed. First I made myself some.

20150119_143427 20150119_143449 20150119_143458

Project here, on Ravelry.

Then they weren’t enough and we were in the midst of a cold-snap, so I cast on to some darling ones for T.

20150119_143405 20150119_143352 20150119_143331 20150119_112158

The bunny mittens are a free charted pattern put out by a Norwegian blogger. Unlike my mittens, these are relatively tight and don’t have a thumb gusset at all. Consequently, they allow for greater freedom of movement and stay on more than T’s other mittens. I think mine are more like Swedish mittens, since they’re looser, have a thumb gusset and the pattern was put out by Drops. My mittens are huge, like oven mitt huge, as in they’re big even on my husband. I think I might need to stalk some Scandinavian knitting blogs and discover other traditional mitten shapes.

T’s mittens are the envy of the playground. The last time I took her to play in the park, a little girl was so taken with them, she chased T around trying to grab one. Luckily, there’s nothing T loves more than a good game of chase and I connected the mittens by a crochet chain, so no harm, no foul.